VA Form VSC-Calculation Summary (07/01/2020) v3.1 © Daniel R. Burk
v. Date:
(Only A, B, C, or D Applies; and then E)
A. Sole Only
1. Custodial Parent
7. Actual Payment by Each Parent
B. Split Only
C. Shared Only
1. # of Children w/Shared Schedules
2. Support for Children w/Shared Schedules
D. Multiple Parenting Arrangements
1. Per Child Monthly Basic Child Support
a. Number of Children for This Order
b. Basic Guideline for All Children
c. Child Support Per Child
2. Sole/Split Support
c. Net Amount
d. Paid to
3. Shared Support
a. # of Children with Shared Schedules
b. Support for # of Children w/Shared Schedules
e. Net Amount
f. Paid to
4. Total Paid From Each Parent
E. Guideline Support Paid By Each Parent (not incl. Health Ins., Childcare, etc.)
Danger Will Robinson! This should never show up! Calculation does NOT match what shows on main Unified Sheet
Please contact VaSupportCalc immediately!
Here's what shows on Main Form:
3. Net Amount
4. Paid to
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Schedule DEBUG N
Case T
Plaintiff T
Defendant T CSFromScheduleP1 I
Parent1 T CSFromScheduleP2 I
Parent2 T
Kids I
1 Sole KidsOnlyP1 I
2 Split KidsOnlyP2 I
3 Shared KidsShared I
4 Multi-Shared
5 Sole/Shared
6 Sole/Multi-Shared
7 Split/Shared
8 Split/Multi-Shared
SharedDaysPercP1 P2
SharedDaysPercP2 P2
ExcludeLineInstructionsP T
EmailAdd1 T
EmailAdd2 T
EmailAdd3 T
WhichCombo I
CodeSection T
CalcTypeSimple I
NoSharedSoleGLP2Kids I
AdjGrossPercP1 P2 NoSharedSoleGLP1Kids I
AdjGrossPercP2 P2 NoSharedSolePaidByP1 I
NoSharedSolePaidByP2 I
SharedGL I
MultipleBasicSupport I
MultipleSupportPerChild I
SoleShareP1 I
SoleShareP2 I
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