Unified Summary Change History

  • Version 3.1 (07/09/19):
    • Added total amount of guideline support when showing sole support results.

Domain Names for Sale!

Resolution Point stopped taking mediation clients at the end of 2018. The domain names used for marketing our mediation services are available for sale:

  • ResolutionPoint.com
  • ResolutionPoint.net
  • ResolutionPoint.org
  • ResolutionPoint.mobi
  • VaDivorceMediation.com
  • VirginiaDivorceMediation.com
  • VirginiaDivorceMediation.net

All prices other than for ResolutionPoint.com are below GoDaddy appraised values.

Even if you have a domain name, you can use them to market your services.

To purchase or find more information, contact us!